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    About Brilex Technical Solutions:

    _MG_0954Does your capital equipment project require a heavy-duty engineering solution from an experienced partner? 

    Brilex Technical Solutions, LLC is the engineering partner of Brilex Industries Inc. Our exclusive relationship gives us the experience to help you find both standard and custom solutions for your product.

    We specialize in:

    • Heavy-duty material handling equipment
    • Automobile shredders & metal shredders
    • Heavy press & extrusion press services
    • Large industrial turntables & revolving platforms
    Brilex Technical Solutions material handling

    Material Handling

    Brilex Technical Solutions Shredde

    Shredder Products

    Brilex Technical Solutions turntables

    Turntable Systems

    Brilex Technical Solutions heavy press

    Extrusion Press

    Because we specialize in such a diverse group of industries, our engineering team has a breadth of expertise we encourage you to lean on. Our team uses state-of-the-art equipment and an analytical approach to make your industrial-grade application stand out.

    We’ve built strong relationships in the steel, aluminum, and scrap/recycling industries through honesty, integrity, and a customer-first attitude.


    Your investment needs a full-service manufacturing partner to support its rollout. Our integrated business model includes:

    • Creative -- not canned -- engineering solutions
    • Reliable lead times
    • Competitive costs
    • Long-term product value

    We look forward to bringing our family of products to you. Don’t settle -- make an investment in that will exceed your expectations!



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    Reliable Heavy-Duty Engineering Solutions & Support


    Expert Experience

    Your design or manufacturing challenge won’t faze our professional engineers -- they’ve seen it all during Brilex Industries’ 30+ years. Our organic growth allows us to lend expert skill and precision today across a wide variety of industries.

    Lean on Our Engineering Team

    Our team of engineers is dedicated to finding the perfect solution for your specifications. By using Finite Element Analysis, process analysis & improvement, engineering case studies, ROI studies, and reverse engineering, we ensure quality that stands the test of time. We identify design problems before they even happen.

    Project Management

    Your manufacturer should look out for you by following vendor management and cost control best practices. Our talented and highly trained engineers are dedicated to working cradle to grave as your single point of contact for managing your most important projects.

    Trusted Made-in-USA Manufacturing

    Brilex Technical Solutions develops products and solutions right here in the USA. Customers around the country associate our name with proven capabilities and cost-effectiveness. With top-of-the-line warranties behind our products, you can rest assured knowing we’re on your side.

    Doing It by the Book

    Many applications require strict procedures to ensure quality and safety. Brilex is a certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt-led operation. We offer an ASME U-Stamp quality assurance program tailored to meet ISO 9001 guidelines, including nondestructive, pressure, and factory acceptance testing in-house.

    Field Service

    Why wait? Let us bring our expertise to you. With FARO precision measurement, blue light scanning technology, on-site commissioning and support, and root cause analysis & diagnosis, our trained engineers are never out of reach. Let’s work together to create solutions that are cost-efficient and permanent.

    Serving a Variety of Industries

    The diversity of industries that Brilex serves enables our engineering team to design creative and custom solutions to fit our customers' unique needs. No matter what ever-changing marketplaces you’re in, we can act as your flexible, innovative, and analytical manufacturing arm.

    Brilex Technical Solutions supports:

    • Metals
    • Energy
    • Plastics
    • Transportation
    • Construction
    • Automotive
    • More

    Our long-standing partnership with Brilex Industries allows us to tap into a wealth of experience in each of these verticals.

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