Material Handling

When your heavy material handling equipment is in need of an upgrade or replacement, or you’re looking to invest in new solutions to improve efficiency, it’s crucial to work with a company that supplies robust engineering solutions that will last for years to come. Our exclusive partnership with Brilex Industries facilitates a powerhouse synergy that results in the highest quality equipment engineered to your specializations.


Quality and Safety are at our core.  We take a hands-on approach to understanding customer needs as your expert in ladle, scrap, and coil transfer systems and reliable steel and aluminum handling solutions

  • Full spectrum of mill equipment and safe handling system, backed by a library of references, demonstrated history of on-time and cost-effective performance, and customer testimonials for both integrated and mini-mill applications.
  • Concept to Finished Product: Working side by side with manufacturing, our Engineering and project management teams design and execute  solutions to the highest standards each step of the way
  • Hydraulic and electrical systems integration for adaptable and versatile drive and control with user-friendly customer interfaces

Brilex Technical Solutions maintains stringent design requirements to ensure consistent quality, safety, robustness, and reliability in every project.  We comply with the following engineering standards:

  • AISE Technical Report No. 6 and CMAA No. 70 – Crane Design Standards
  • ASME B30.20 and BTH-1 – Below the Hook Lifting Device Standards
  • AISE Technical Report No. 7 and No. 9  – Ladle Hook and Ladle Design Standards
  • ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code – Section VIII
265T Scrap Car - 13645 - Rendering 1
265T Scrap Car real
Three Coil Transfer Car
Ladle Car Rendering
Ladle TilerREV
Eye to Sky Coil Car
Slab Extractor
Charging Bucket
VT Cars
Coil Upender
Reline Station Installed 3
Ladle Hooks
Ladle Lifting Rig
Toggle ShearREV


We provide a full range of heavy-duty material handling solutions to improve efficiency in steel and aluminum hot mills, cold mills, melt shops, and processing lines.

Transfer Cars

The cornerstone of BTS’s portfolio, our custom designs are engineered to suit your metal moving needs and built to withstand the test of time.

Cold Mill

The efficient and reliable movement of coils and bar through a cold rolling mill is vital to the success of a process. BTS provides material handling system to meet a diverse range of cold mill applications.

Hot Mill

From slab handling to coil lifting devices BTS has you covered when it comes to equipment required in hot mill or rolling applications.

Melt Shop

A melt shop has some of the most extreme and harsh environments in the entire steel making process. For this reason we design our equipment to last and perform above and beyond our customer’s requirements in these critical applications.

Processing Lines

Listening to our customer’s requirements and understanding your specific application allows BTS to adapt our standard design practices to exceed the customer’s needs.

Custom Solutions

Complex movements, spatial restrictions, or logistical constraints? BTS has the creativity and experience to help you with any new installation, rebuild, or retro-fit

Services Provided

Redesign and Rebuild

Point-cloud scanning, technical evaluation, and modeling to reverse engineering, upgrade, and rebuild degraded or underperforming products

Engineering Studies and Support

Upfront project feasibility and downstream project commissioning support for a full-spectrum of quality and assurance

Aftermarket Spares

Quick response, shorter lead times, and a part kitting system for simplified replacement and installation process

Project Management

Cradle-to-grave service and support from senior-level engineers who offer a personal and customized approach to managing the timeline and budget of your investment

In-Housing Manufacturing

One Stop Shop for all your fabricating, machining, assembly, inspection, and testing needs


Engineering strength analysis and modeling for design validation and detailing

ladle tilter

Our material handling solutions cater to virtually every steel and aluminum manufacturing process, including the production of: 

  • Bar and Rod
  • Structural Long Products
  • Tube and Pipe 
  • Sheet and Plate



Looking to increase throughput and maximize efficiency, but not sure where to start? 

Our engineering team can review your current processes and equipment and determine ways to improve it. If it is determined that your company could benefit from new equipment or upgrading old equipment, we offer a consultation to explore the best options for you.

Simply fill out the form , and we will be in touch with next steps.

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Engineering Manager

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