Commercial Vehicle Turntables (CVT)

- Reduce congestion
- Speed up delivery times
- Simplify building entry & exit
- Improve safety hazards

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Our CVT’s are designed with minimal maintenance requirements to eliminate operational disruption and expensive downtime. By reducing the amount of space needed, architects and owners can save on construction and operational costs by reducing traffic bottlenecks, speeding up delivery time and limiting nonessential personnel. Proudly manufactured and serviced in the USA, we continually support our turntable’s life cycle with technical field support and aftermarket spare parts services.
Operating in small spaces? Working with restricted access? Looking for a custom solution? Brilex Technical Solutions’ commercial vehicle turntables (CVTs) turn logistical and traffic nightmares into safe, efficient solutions. Our CVTs make maneuvering vehicles in space-constrained environments like loading docks or parking garages quick and easy. Architects and owners routinely choose BTS turntables when faced with the challenges of effectively utilizing their capacity limitations and reducing operating costs.
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*Spare parts available upon request
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Marine Cable Layout
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Indoor Public Spaces
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Restaurants / Bars
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