Extrusion Press & Other Heavy Press Services

The heavy press division of Brilex Technical Solutions focuses on developing major extrusion press components and systems that reduce dead-cycle and maintenance downtime to keep your equipment operating at full capacity and maximize your pounds per hour requirements.

Our exclusive partnership with Brilex Industries facilitates a powerhouse synergy that results in the highest quality equipment engineered to your specializations.


Need a manufacturing partner you can lean on for design advice? BTS’s heavy-press division has 30+ years of continued experience developing solutions for a breadth of extrusion production components.. In fact, many presses currently in use in the industry were fundamentally based on our lead engineer’s design!

Having a supplier with experience you can trust is essential when it comes to maintaining your largest capital equipment investment. BTS has extensive knowledge of many common extrusion press brands, including Farrel, Sutton, Watson-Stillman, Loewy, Wean, Lombard, BLH, Youngstown, Fielding, Schloemann, and Ube. We’ve worked with presses ranging from 500T to 14,000T and dating back to the 1940s.

Our team is familiar with the design pitfalls of the older machines and can rapidly diagnose, repair, upgrade or retrofit with new technology to add years of life to your machine's life cycle.

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To make sure you’re completely covered, BTS designs and manufactures a mix of highly specialized and branded components that are both integral and complementary to your presses. In addition to the extrusion press itself, we provide ancillary handling systems, as well as loading and unloading equipment.

Container Housings

We engineer forged and fabricated container housings for strength, reduced fatigue, and press alignment. To further improve your press’s performance, we include a quick container release system and four-point X guiding.

Billet Loaders

Designed with simplicity and safety in mind, our single- and dual-arm linear billet loaders include high-speed actuation by servo-drive or hydraulic power. This feature quickly and precisely delivers the billet to the extrusion press.

Butt Shears

The Brilex butt shear improves shearing accuracy and comes integrated with a butt knocker system. Its four-point ram guiding system makes adjustment and alignment easy.

Die Change / Shuffle Systems

Does your line move frequently from shape to shape? You need to make that change as quickly as possible. Our die change system includes a shuffle table to stage dies with manual or automatic die clamping.

Major Press Components

With BTS, you can also increase your productivity by optimizing your press frame components. We custom-engineer platens, crossheads, and tie rods to minimize maintenance and increase press life cycle.

Other Heavy Press Systems

We utilize our extrusion press technology and expertise for compaction and forging applications in steel, municipal solid waste, and other industries.

Services Provided

Brilex Technical Solutions not only designs and manufactures new extrusion and heavy press components, we also provide:

Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

Product modeling for advanced repairs, upgrades and retrofits

Ultrasonic testing

Phased array, shearwave, or straight beam inspection services to monitor and measure material and weld quality

Reverse Engineering

FARO Quantum Arm with blue-light Scanning Technology to inspect and model components for replacement

Engineered time studies

Process analysis for billet handling and design improvements 

Press Measurement

FARO Ion Tracker with Spatial Analyzer software for inspection of press geometry to diagnose press alignment 

Repair Services

In-house inspection, welding, and machining repair of existing equipment


Aluminum Extrusion          Waste Recycling & Compaction

Brass Extrusion                     Hydro-forming Applications

Alloy Extrusion                       Forging Press



Looking to increase throughput and maximize efficiency, but not sure where to start? 

Our engineering team can review your current processes and equipment and determine ways to improve it. If it is determined that your company could benefit from new equipment or upgrading old equipment, we offer a consultation to explore the best options for you.

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