8 Reasons to Install a BTS Commercial Vehicle Turntable

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8 Reasons to Install a BTS Commercial Vehicle Turntable

Operating in small spaces? Working with restricted access? Looking for a custom solution? Brilex Technical Solutions’ commercial vehicle turntables (CVTs) turn logistical and traffic nightmares into safe, efficient solutions for maneuvering in restricted spaces. A BTS commercial vehicle turntable can be installed in a building on grade, between levels of a parking garage, or outdoors to suit site conditions.

Our CVTs offer many advantages for our customers. With sizes ranging from 25 ft. in diameter to more than 100 ft., BTS is ready to offer custom engineering and manufacturing for any job. Here are 8 reasons why you should install a BTS commercial vehicle turntable:

  1. Save on up front construction costs.
    BTS heavy-duty vehicle turntables can lower initial building costs by providing a reduction in the overall amount of space needed to be set aside for vehicle deliveries. In particular, it eliminates the dead space needed for turning areas and the added parking bay locations that would otherwise be needed as trucks back up waiting to get into the building. In a typical building, a truck turntable takes up less than a quarter of the space compared to the space it would take to handle the turning area for a tractor-trailer. In addition, these turntables help you reduce the cost of the overall facility by allowing greater freedom to locate structural columns.
  2. Save on ongoing operational costs.

    BTS heavy-duty vehicle turntables provide ongoing cost benefits to building owners by reducing congestion and delivery times. By turning a truck around in 30 to 60 seconds, delays caused by the lengthy maneuvering of trucks and tractor-trailers in confined building spaces are avoided. As a result, fewer building personnel are needed to guide drivers, more of the dock capacity is freed-up, and indoor emissions are reduced.
  3. Reduce delivery hassles and safety hazards.
    A BTS vehicle turntable provides easy building entry and exit, which reduces accidents and damage to trucks, structural columns, pedestrians and materials lying around. Turntables can drastically reduce traffic backups and hazards outside the building and the need for dangerous curbside docks for loading and unloading. They also reduce the need to assist and guide truckers as the trucks maneuver in tight spaces.
  4. Expect long-term reliability.
    Our turntables have a long track record of exceeding our customer’s expectations in both durability and reliability. Trusted by our customers for decades, our turntables move smoothly and quietly for many years after installation.
  5. Minimal maintenance is required.
    These systems require only a minimal amount of routine maintenance each year, which we recommend scheduling for times when the facility is not in operation. As a result, this minimal annual maintenance does not cause operational disruptions or expensive downtime for the servicing of this equipment.
  6. Receive full support of the architect throughout the project.
    We provide full support throughout the entire project. This begins with the initial design of the system to be built, during which time the BTS engineering staff interfaces with the project’s architects to provide the practical assistance and the detailed technical support needed to integrate its equipment into the overall installation. Further ongoing support includes providing foundational, electrical and control requirements, trim details, data for structural analysis and any other assistance the project requires.
  7. Equipment installation is quick and painless.
    We always provide a specially trained field engineer or technician to supervise the installation, start-up and commissioning of our equipment, ensuring that it is brought on-line quickly and delivers the expected performance. It is their job to meet our high expectation of customer service while exceeding that of our customers.
  8. We aren’t going anywhere after the sale.
    Ongoing post-sale support is offered for all of our machines. We also provide long-term spare parts and technical support services. Long-term service contracts are available at each of our installations for periodic inspection and maintenance programs, as well as training services, as needed. In addition, we provide customers with the ability to easily upgrade their control panels, drives and other systems to ensure they reflect the latest in technology.

At BTS, we also provide other heavy-duty vehicle turntables such as outdoor, military, railcar, aircraft, and more. For more information, please contact Mike Theisler at mtheisler@brilex.com.

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