Modular Marine Cable Laying Turntables

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Category: Turntable

Modular Marine Cable Laying Turntables

As the world continues to look to alternative, renewable energy sources to power our cities, the offshore wind farm industry is utilizing untapped resources to power our communities and homes via subsea cables.

Miles of cable are spooled from the shore, onto a vessel fitted with a Marine Cable Laying (MCL) Turntable. Using this turntable to properly unwind the cable spool, it is then run across flat surfaces of the ocean floor and buried under the seabed.

The question for cable installers is, what happens when the job is done? Is the MCL Turntable destined to become a permanent fixture of the barge, or are there other options?

With a MCL Turntable from Brilex Technical Solutions, the structure is temporary, meaning that users can break the turntable down into modular sections, and either store them in shipping containers for future use, or place the sections on a flatbed truck to be transported to a different job site.

Advantage of this type of solution include:

  • Customizable diameters and load ratings
  • Integrated cable basket, or flat-top design depending on how the User receives their cable
  • Marine grade epoxy, as well as specialized hardware resists the rough conditions and harsh environments often seen by cable laying vessels.
  • Modular “pie” sections can be separated and stacked for reduced storage footprint
  • Choice of hydraulic or electric drives available

BTS has over 60 years of turntable-building legacy in many different industries. As a one-stop provider of engineered solutions, BTS provides services from concept to testing the finished product — and it's all made in the USA. MCL Turntables are just one type of engineered solution that BTS offers. Learn more about our Turntable Division. 


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