Brilex Technical Awarded Massive Turntable Contract to Help Deliver Clean Energy to New York City

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Brilex Technical Awarded Massive Turntable Contract to Help Deliver Clean Energy to New York City

Brilex Technical Solutions was recently awarded an exclusive contract for the design and manufacture of marine cable laying (MCL) turntables that will help deliver clean energy to the New York City metropolitan area.

A fleet of six Brilex Technical MCL turntables will be used to lay approximately 339 miles of power transmission cable delivering an estimated 1,250 megawatts of hydro and wind energy to power more than a million homes in the Big Apple. Approximately 198 miles of that cable will be installed underwater in a river starting from its norther shore in Quebec, running south under the Hudson, Harlem and East rivers and terminating in Astoria, Queens, New York.

“We are proud to be an integral part of such a high-profile project for the State of New York,” said Josh Vitale, General Manager at Brilex Technical Solutions. “We are excited for our role in bringing this renewable energy transmission project to fruition. This marks an important step in establishing our footprint in the cable, sub-sea, and wind power marketplace.”

Because of the immensity of the marine portion of this work, very high capacity, barge-mounted equipment is required. However, this presents an interesting set of design challenges due to the river’s narrowness and vast number of overhead bridges. To overcome these obstacles, each turntable basket will be modularly designed to be broken down into sections. This modularity will allow the vessel’s height to be reduced when passing under overhead structures. Each MCL turntable is also driven by more than 100 horsepower with a payload capacity of over 3,000,000 pounds.

“Brilex Technical is no stranger to producing quality, heavy-duty turntable equipment,” explained Michael Theisler, Turntable Product Manager at Brilex Technical Solutions. “We are looking forward to leveraging the skillsets of our team of engineers and applying their knowledge to an alternative energy project of this magnitude.”

Brilex Technical was chosen for this project due their turntable innovation & experience, as well as their exclusive partnership with Brilex Industries for in-house manufacturing of all their equipment. Keeping engineering and manufacturing under one roof will allow for a seamless concept-to-delivery process.

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