Introducing Brilex Technical Solutions

Introducing Brilex Technical Solutions

The Brilex Group of Companies Expands its Engineering Capabilities with Brilex Technical Solutions

  • New company offers advanced capital equipment and engineered solutions for industrial-grade applications
  • BTS provides engineered product-based service in four categories: Material Handling, Extrusion Press, Shredder Products and Turntables
The Brilex Group of Companies has announced the addition of its group with Brilex Technical Solutions (BTS). BTS is an engineered product-based company that specializes in heavy material handling, aluminum extrusion press, automobile scrap shredders and turntable products, along with a broad array of custom engineering applications.

Through organic growth and acquisition over the past 20 years, the Group has acquired a unique mix of engineering talent and products that complement one another. In a strategic effort to build these synergies and bring value to the heavy industrial metals markets, the Group organized BTS as an engineered-product group into one business unit.  

“This is the completion of the initial efforts of our manufacturing group wanting to exchange their engineering capability and support the manufacturing services we were offering,” said Josh Vitale, General Manager. “We are proud to bring together engineering expertise that has grown with evolving heavy industry demands and provide the added value our customers deserve.”

With the addition of BTS, the Group plans to utilize its exclusive relationship to give clients the experience of finding both standard and custom solutions for their product with expert experience from its engineering team, allegiance to quality service and delivering American-made service.

BTS is divided into four engineered product-based disciplines:

Material Handling

  • Versatility and engineering breadth, with extensive expertise across full spectrum of mill equipment and safe handling systems
  • Expertise in ladle, scrap, and coil transfer cars and reliable handling solutions
  • Concept to Finished Product: Working side by side with manufacturing, BTS Engineering team designs solutions to the highest standards
  • Hydraulic and electrical control systems

Heavy Press

  • Our designed solutions utilize simplicity while providing strength and durability while minimizing footprint
  • Design ingenuity from engineers who have spent entire careers in the extrusion business, working directly with operators and maintenance to decrease downtime 
  • Extensive reference file library of various extrusion press manufacturers and extrusion press sizes dating back to the 1940’s
  • Performance and efficiency to minimize dead cycle time and maximize pounds over the table


  • Custom design engineering of shredder fleet and durable core components suited for broad array of scrap throughput demands
  • Specializing in major component analysis and robust upgrades to lower sunk costs and maximize return on investment. Components include shredder box, feed roll assemblies, rotors, bases, and chutes.
  • Reverse engineering capabilities to identify, upgrade and replace existing wear parts (hammers, grates, anvils, liners, pin protectors and more)


  • Engineered to last using the latest in 3D modeling and Finite Element software
  • Unique ”Tongue & Groove”-style plate design allows for a more streamlined manufacturing process
  • Compliant drive withstands side loads, and maintains positive engagement with table for a continuous revolution 
  • Ease of maintenance with outboard drive and access covers


Brilex Technical Solutions