Offering the latest in FARO ScanArm technology

Offering the latest in FARO ScanArm technology

Advanced FARO ScanArm and FAROBlu Laser Line Probe technology available now from Brilex Technical Solutions

Do you need to reverse-engineer components to upgrade your equipment? Are you missing part drawings? Will quick, 3D inspections help with diagnosing your machine quality issues?

Brilex Technical Solutions uses state-of-the-art FARO measuring devices for high-precision 3D measurements, 3D comparisons and inspection of all parts and systems that they produce.  Recently, we added the latest in scanning technology, the FARO Quantum S Arm with the FAROBlu Laser Line Probe (LLP). The addition of this inspection and modeling asset has expanded our capability not only to verify the high-quality precision work for which we are known, but also to add value to customers in need of quick turnaround re-engineering and inspection applications.

FARO ScanArm TechnologyThe FARO ScanArm sets the bar even higher beyond their other fleet of precision measurement equipment with both hard probing and scanned data, offering:

  • high-speed point cloud data capture
  • top notch resolution
  • superior accuracy
  • 600,000 surface points per second
  • seamless scanning of challenging materials

This portable CMM technology provides us with unsurpassed quality assurance and has elevated customer confidence in the products and processes we deliver.

And when you combine all of this with the latest in-house Polyworks software, standard inspection procedures and multiple trained technicians, BTS has all the integrations needed to provide modeled reporting for our customers’ needs.

At BTS, we’re excited to offer this level of technology to our customers with the FARO Quantum S with FAROBlu Laser Line Probe technology. To see how this could benefit your operation, contact Ken Platt at 330-259-8508 or

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