Why choose BTS?

Category: Heavy Press
Category: Heavy Press

Why choose BTS?

3 Reasons to Choose BTS as Your Extrusion Press Manufacturer

Looking to increase throughput and maximize efficiency in an extrusion press, but not sure where to start? For heavy press service, it’s best to consider these three factors when selecting the right press manufacturer.

1. Experience

In extrusion press and other press services, experience is key. It’s worth the value of having a manufacturing partner you can lean on for design advice.
  • For example, BTS’ heavy-press division has 30-plus years of continued experience developing solutions for a breadth of extrusion production components. The combined knowledge of the engineering staff and experience have produced dynamically superior systems and replacement press frame components.
  • BTS’ engineered solutions and replacement components are designed and engineered using finite element analysis (FEA) software to optimize the design to minimize stress concentrations, provide longevity of the components and reduce fatigue.
  • Our engineering team has exhaustive experience in designing extrusion press machines. The strategy behind our design is to make maintenance easy while maintaining superior strength characteristics and allowing you to put as much material through the machine as possible, maximizing "pounds over the table."

2. Turnkey Solutions

In addition to experience, customers desire to have an extrusion press manufacturer that’s with them from start to finish.

  • BTS has the complete resources to provide turnkey solutions to meet customers’ needs, working with them to design the required equipment. Once a solution is determined, our experienced staff will complete the necessary engineering and produce the detailed manufacturing drawings.
  • BTS produces all of the engineered equipment at its fabrication, machining and manufacturing facilities located in Youngstown, Ohio, U.S.A.
  • If your equipment needs to be assembled and tested, BTS offers complete hydraulic and electrical design, piping, electrical and controls services to complete your project — a one-stop solution for your extrusion press and machinery needs

3. Made in the USA

BTS takes great pride in its work with a staff that’s highly trained in all aspects of estimating, machining, fabricating, assembly and quality control that’s completed entirely in the United States.

  • BTS is the only domestic-supply and domestic-service company making extrusion presses. The company’s machine shop is one of the largest in the Ohio Valley area offering capabilities up to 120 tons.
  • BTS’ Heavy Press Group along with Brilex Industries engineers and manufactures extrusion press systems and components exclusively in the USA.

If your company could benefit from new equipment or upgrading existing equipment, BTS offers a consultation to explore the best options for you. The engineering team can review your current processes and equipment and determine ways to improve it. Visit our Heavy Press Services page to learn more, or contact James Cunningham at 234-719-2849 or jcunningham@brilex.com.

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